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Metro Dance Academy

School Year 2014-2015 Dance Classes now registering!
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Metro Dance Academy offers dance instruction for all levels, ages 3 and up. With styles ranging from jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, contemporary and musical theater, there's sure to be a class just right for you!

What to Expect
  • Metro Dance Academy is a dance studio centered around the growth of dancers through proper technique in a positive environment.
  • With styles ranging from Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Princess Ballet, Contemporary and Technique classes, we’re sure to have a class just right for you!
  • Located inside Metro Gymnastics Center, our studio is the perfect fit for a busy family with multiple children and interests. Lots of families enjoy the “one stop shop” under the umbrella of Metro.
  • The dance class schedule runs parallel to the school year (September through June) with an end of year Spring Dance Showcase in June. Our intention is to have all dancers enrolled in the fall so the group can learn together at the same pace and become close with fellow dancers.
  • We are on a monthly tuition; one class per month is $60.00.

Metro Dance Academy believes in a positive environment for dancers to work, in order to attain their fullest potential. Dancers will not only grow as individuals, but as a group. We will learn together and be supportive of fellow dancers at all times. Success is the result of mental attitude. The right attitude will bring you success in everything you undertake!

From the Director

Stephanie Anderson

Welcome to Metro Dance Academy! My name is Stephanie Anderson, Director of the dance studio. Please take a moment to look through our site and see what we have to offer.  With classes ranging in age, level and style, there’s sure to be something just right for your dancer! I am always available to answer questions at, or 503-620-8939. If you would like a dance evaluation, please contact me to set up a time.


We are kicking off the Fall 2012 school year with a brand new dance class schedule. All dance classes began Monday, September 10. Our schedule runs parallel to the school year, and already classes are bustling with excitement!


In August, we had auditions for Performing Company and chose a brand new group…the outcome was so big, we had to split the Performing Company up into THREE amazing groups of dancers! We are so excited to have the Sapphires, Diamonds, and Platinum as part of the Performing Company.  The Performing Company will begin performing later this fall, stay tuned for more updates!


In this section of our page, I will constantly be sharing our most up to date news and stories. Please continue to check this section for the latest scoop.


This class introduces young dancers to the very basic elements of dance. Skills such as marching, galloping, skipping, sliding, leaping, jumping and elementary ballet body positions are incorporated throughout the course. Designed with the Pre-Kindergarten age in mind, this is a great introduction class for new students.


This class takes dance to the next level by focusing on the flexibility and strength of a dancer, combined with proper technique. The stretch portion of class will help all dancers work toward better flexibility with correct form, including splits. The strength part of class allows dancers to build stamina to support technique for dance routines and combinations. This class is the perfect opportunity to work on various areas to make your dancing even better!


Contemporary is a style derived from ballet and jazz. Taking the strong technical background of ballet, contemporary allows the dancer to take their movement into more of a free form style. Among one of the most popular styles currently, contemporary makes its mark in the dance world by being different, while still accentuating proper use of technique and style.


Jazz is a style used as a base for most dancers. It allows you to practice proper technique and execute new moves. Jazz incorporates stylized movement, along with leaps, turns and flexibility. All movement in jazz can be used in dance routines which gives dancers an opportunity to practice new combinations while perfecting their style.

Tap/Jazz Combo

This combination class provides the perfect opportunity for a dancer to try out two styles at one time! Half of this class will focus on Tap technique including basic rhythm and movement. The second half of class will focus on Jazz technique including leaps, turns and flexibility.


Ballet is the core of technique and the foundation of movement. Learn the classical ballet positions while also excelling in barre work, leaps, turns and center floor combinations. Ballet is important for a dancer’s strength and overall body awareness. Proper ballet shoes must be worn for this style of dance. Leotard and tights recommended.

Princess Ballet

Princess Ballet is the perfect pre-dance class for your little Princess! This class introduces young dancers to the very basic elements of ballet. Marching, galloping, skipping, sliding, leaping, jumping and elementary ballet body positions are incorporated throughout the course, with heavy focus on ballet. All the while, dancing like various Disney Princess! Costumes welcome.


Tap is an all time favorite style, which really allows students to focus on rhythmic ability and coordination. Starting with the feet, tap allows you to create sound, while connecting the movement throughout your body. Proper tap shoes must be worn for this style....let your feet make the music!


A dancer's dream; an entire class dedicated to the improvement of technique for leaps and turns! This class will not only emphasize proper form, but will explore new and different kinds of leaps and turns. This class will definitely push all dancers to move ahead in their technical ability for all leaps and turns.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a high energy and fun type of dance. Combining isolated movement with “street style” moves, this is a favorite for all ages and levels. Dancing to popular music, Hip Hop is an exciting, fast-paced style of dance.

Performing Company

Performing Company is a special audition group within Metro Dance Academy. Company members perform and compete throughout the year at various community performances and competitions. Learn more about this program here (hyperlink the word “here” to take you to the Performing Company page that will be on the dance page).

Musical Theater

Hey all you Gleeks out there, this class is just for you! Come sing and dance with us while also learning how to get into character. Learn about dramatic stage movement, and proper staging techniques. Using music from a variety of musicals, this class will prepare you for your main stage debut.


Withdrawal Form

Make Ups

1 makeup per class enrolled in, will be allowed per month for dance classes.


School Year 2014-2015 Class Schedule

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Summer Classes & Camps 2014 Schedule

DOWNLOAD the Summer schedule to view all Classes & Camps




What should my dancer wear to dance class?
Where do I buy dance shoes?

Dance Togs:
3835 SW Hall Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005


The Leotard:
2432 NE MLK Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212


Lake Oswego Academy of Dance:
16250 Bryant Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035


Online stores:
Discount Dance Supply
Designs for Dance

How should my dancer wear their hair?

All dancers should wear their hair up in a ponytail or bun. This is to avoid hair in your face, or having it be a distraction in class.

Are parents allowed to stay and watch dance classes?

Yes please, we love having parents stay to watch. Please enjoy our parent viewing area right next to the dance studio.

Do the dance classes perform during the year?

Yes, all classes will participate in the end of year performance; Spring Dance Showcase. This performance will be in June.


Call Metro Gymnastics today at 503-620-8939 to register your child for the upcoming sessions!