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Birthdays & Parties

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What to Expect

Looking for great birthday party ideas in the Portland area? Look no further than Metro Gymnastics Center. Providing a gymnastics birthday party for your child is as much a gift for them as it is for you! You throw the party - we’ll do the clean up.


Expect an e-mail confirmation of date, time of party, what to bring and what we provide. You will also receive a phone confirmation on how many children will be coming, who your instructor will be and answer any questions concerning the party.


Your instructor will help with table decorations and set up in party room as well get release forms and name tags for all the children. The instructor will also help serve cake during party and opening of presents if you choose to do so.

Gymnastics Birthday Parties include:

  • 55 Minutes Of Instructed Activity On Some Of The Following: Gymflatables, Obstacle Course, Trampoline, Foam-Filled Pit, 30 Ft. Long Tumble Tramp, 3 Person Swing (for ages 9 and under), for ages 10+ we offer ropes and other age-appropriate activities, and a Spring Floor!
  • 30 Minutes In the designated party space For Cake, Ice Cream & Presents!
    (Cake & Ice Cream Provided By Parents)

During the party, the birthday girl will be adorned with a festive birthday crown, and the boys receive a birthday Medal. The birthday child will receive a birthday t-shirt and sit in a special birthday chair.


We hope that your child and all of his or her friends have a wonderful time!


Here are notes and reminders to assure a successful party.


  • All attending children must have a medical release/liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian before they can participate in a party
    Current Metro students do not need a form
  • Parents are responsible for bringing their own camera, utensils, drinks, cake and birthday supplies
  • All attending children must have a medical release/liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian before they can participate in a party. (Current Metro students do not need a form)
  • Parties are specifically geared toward the age of the birthday child and his/her guests, therefore, parents and other adults are asked to refrain from playing on the equipment. Safety is important to us, so if there are small children who are not involved in the party, please keep them off the equipment. PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE FLOOR WITH THE CHILDREN!
  • As fun as it would be to play and party all day, parties are on a tight time schedule, so please try to stay within the time scheduled for your party. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your party begins — and — please be aware of when you are scheduled to be finished.
  • There is most likely a party scheduled immediately following yours, so, members of their party will be arriving as you are leaving.
  • Each Metro Party is Unique! The Instruction and activities of your child's party may be different than the instruction and activities of other parties your child may have attended at Metro. Regardless of the differences, we're confident that the children will have an exciting and wonderful time.
  • A few days after your party, we may send you a Party Evaluation Form that we would appreciate you filling out and returning to us. Your input is welcome and valued as it helps us maintain or improve the exceptional quality of Metro parties.

To reserve your party please contact Metro Gymnastics Center at 503-620-8939.

Birthday parties cost a flat fee of $175 for up to 10 children. The fee is required to be paid at the time you reserve your party.


$65 is NON-REFUNDABLE if the party is booked and canceled after the required payment. There is NO FEE, if the party is re-scheduled to a different date.


There is an additional charge of $3.50 per child when more than ten (10) children attend the party.


Depending upon the age of the birthday child and the size of the party, there may also be a $30 fee to add a second gymnastics instructor.


Please make checks payable to Metro Gymnastics Center. Any balance due on the date of the party will be paid on that day to Metro Gymnastics Center.


  • Full payment of $175.00 is due within 1 week of the booking date. ($65 is non-refundable if the party is cancelled. The party can be re-scheduled with no added fees.) Please make checks payable to Metro Gymnastics Center, or you may pay with a credit card.
  • The party cost is $175.00 for up to 10 children. The party includes 55 minutes in the gym with the instructor and 30 minutes in the Birthday Party space for cake, ice cream and presents (cake and ice cream provided by parents)! There is an additional charge of $3.50 per child when more than ten (10) kids attend the party. Depending upon the age of the birthday child and the size of the party, there may also be a $ 30.00 fee to add a 2nd instructor. (See Below)
  • Additional party time must be added at time of booking. $18.00 per each 15 minutes added.
  • Age # of kids per add'l child add 2nd instructor
  • 3 and under over 10 $3.50 +$30 over 10 kids
  • 4-5 over 10 $3.50 +$30 over 12 kids
  • 6 and up over 10 $3.50 +$30 over 15 kids

If you have any questions or concerns Metro Gymnastics Center at 503-620-8939 for information and details.


General Questions
What do kids wear to parties?

Wear loose clothing to play in and you won't need socks either. We have cubbies for shoes and socks.

If I am a member do I need to fill out the release form?

If you are a current member within a year or in classes you do not need to sign a release form.

Party Room
Can I bring Food to the Party?

You can bring whatever you want to the party for eating or drinking for children and adults if you wish. (No alcohol allowed of course) Some order in pizza, some bring snacks etc.

Do you have a refrigerator and freezer?

Yes, we provide a refrigerator and freezer.

Can I come earlier than the 15 minutes allotted to set up?

Most likely there is a party before you so coming earlier will not get you into the party area any sooner than the 15 minutes.
It only takes a few minutes to set up and decorate the tables. Then it is greet quests, give name tags and collect those release forms.

Can I add more time to the party above the 1 1/2 hr allotted?

This will have to be set up ahead of time and depends on other parties scheduled. If you go over the allotted time there is a $18.00 fee plus other unhappy customers who are scheduled for the next time slot.

Gym Time
Can the parent pick the activities for the children?

All activities in the gym are age appropriate to the Birthday Child's age. If the game or activity fits with what we have available then we will accommodate the best we can; We have had a few theme parties in the past and some who bring there own music.

Are parents allowed on the floor with the children?

For the safety of the children no parents are allowed on the floor. Exception is the parent of the birthday party child who will take pictures and only after all quests have arrived.

What do you do in the gym?

We have four areas of activities:

  • Swing for ages 9 and under, Ropes for ages 10+ with obstacle course.
  • Trampolines
  • Pits
  • Inflatable
Can I add more gym time?

Each party gets a max time up to 55 minutes in the gym and 30 minutes in the party space: any additional time must be set up ahead of time. The fee for additional time is $18.00 per every 15 minutes.



Call Metro Gymnastics today at 503-620-8939 to register your child for the upcoming sessions!