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School Year Registration!

Schedules now available for 2017-18 school year gymnastics, dance and early learning classes.

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Enrolling NOW for Summer 2018 Classes and Camps!

Schedules now available for 2018 summer gymnastics, dance and early learning classes. (Summer 6/25 - 8/25)

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Spring Break Camp!

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Metro Dance Academy

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Metro Early Learning

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  • Monday-Friday9am - 9pm
  • Saturday9am - 12:30pm





Welcome to Metro Gymnastics in Tualatin, Oregon!

NEW CLASS - Kids Crossfit!

ENROLLING NOW for all classes!

Payment is due at the time of enrollment! To enroll, call our office at 503.620.8939.




What to Wear

Appropriate attire is important for gymnastics and dance.


For Gymnastics:

  • No jeans, no zippers, no buttons and no jewelry are to be worn.
  • For GIRLS a leotard, T-shirts or athletic style tanks that can be tucked into shorts are acceptable.
  • For BOYS T-shirts or athletic style tanks that can be tucked into shorts are acceptable. All gymnasts should be barefoot.

For Dance: Please DOWNLOAD our “What to Wear” document.


Hair - Gymnastics and most Dance requires that hair be out of the face for learning and safety.

  • Hair must be pulled up away from the face with clips or barrettes.
  • Ponytails, braids, headbands are acceptable.
  • For specific guidelines refer to Rec Gymnastics and Dance pages.

We have a limited number of parking spots in the front parking area of Metro Gymnastics.

  • Our main parking lot is in the back of our building with an entrance at the far end.
  • Please do not park in Platt’s spaces in the front lot before 5 pm or beyond the blue fence in back at anytime.
  • Overflow parking is available across the street at the Church during peak times.
Before Class
  • If you have logged into your customer portal, signed the policies page, and paid tuition, you do not need to stop at the desk when you arrive for class.
  • Cubbies are available for gymnasts in the greeting area to store shoes, extra clothes, back packs, water bottles, etc. during class. We have the locker/changing rooms with additional cubbies.
  • Dancers should go to the Dance Room viewing area.
  • We suggest that all gymnasts/dancers use the restroom prior to class so that they will not miss out on the fun.
  • Once your gymnast is ready for class they should sit on the edge of the blue floor to wait for class to begin. Gymnasts are NOT allowed to practice their skills at this time. Instructors will be in this area to greet you and your gymnast.
  • Dancers must wait outside the dance room.
  • When it is time to begin class, an Instructor will call all of the gymnasts /dancers onto the floor to begin warm-ups.
Viewing Area
  • After your gymnast is settled into class, gymnastics parents should to go upstairs to the viewing area or to the snack/homework area.
  • Dance parents are welcome to watch class in the dance viewing area.
  • If your gymnast/dancer is comfortable you may run an errand or go workout yourself.
  • TV monitors are set-up in the gymnastics viewing area to aid in watching classes, as well as play areas and homework tables for siblings.
  • Please DO NOT let siblings RUN in these areas.
  • Parents are not allowed on the floor. Greeting area is for drop off and pick up only.
  • Chairs are not allowed on any of the landings leading to viewing area.
During Class
  • Every class begins with a group warm-up. Gymnastics Rec and Mini-Mover classes held at the same hour do warm ups together. This may include running, jumping and/or dancing, followed by stretching to prepare the gymnasts for class.
  • At the conclusion of warm-ups, the gymnasts are divided into their specific classes and they rotate to the gymnastics events with their teachers.
After Class
  • Upon completion of the class the gymnasts/dancers will be brought back to the greeting area.
  • Instructors must release children directly to an adult.
  • If you have any questions about the class, this is a great time to speak to your Instructor.

Congratulations for caring enough to invest in your child’s future physical development. We are pleased you have chosen Metro Gymnastics Center for your child. We pledge to uphold our mission, which is to provide a fun, positive, and self-esteem building environment for all children and adults who participate in any of our programs. This will be accomplished by:


  • Teaching children that they have self-worth.
  • Keeping children safe and healthy.
  • Helping children to love to learn.
  • Helping children to learn physical skills.

Metro Gymnastics Center was founded in March of 1990. That month we started out with approximately 60 students. Today we have grown to more than 1100 students. Metro’s staff is carefully selected and continually improves their professionalism through education and certification programs.

If you are new to the area, have never been to our facility or haven’t visited us in some time, I encourage you to stop by and see our expanded facility.


David Klein

Frequently asked Policy Questions For Minimover, Recreational Gymnastics, and Dance Classes

*ALL Trial classes are the regular price of a class.


What does the Membership Fee cover?

The Membership Fee is a required fee for all Metro families. It covers administration costs for your account. The fee also gives discounts on our Special Events offered throughout the year!

How do make ups work?

ONE (1) make-up per month is offered, regardless of the number of classes missed. MAKE-UPS MUST BE PRESCHEDULED.

If we need to drop in the middle of a month, what happens to the tuition we have paid?

All drops are handled per our Withdrawal/Cancellation Policy:



  • I understand that if I plan to WITHDRAW FROM CLASS, I must submit a written WITHDRAWAL NOTICE no later than my LAST class of the current month.  
  • If I cancel class ON OR AFTER the 1st day of the new month, I understand a $25.00 CANCELLATION FEEwill be charged to my credit card on file.
  • If I choose to DROP class AFTER the new month is in progress, I will be charged for the full month of classes.
  • (NO CASH, CHECK or CREDIT CARD refunds will be given)
How does the sibling discount work?

A 10% discount is taken off the total of all multiple children or classes.

When do we need to notify Metro if we are not continuing classes in the next MONTH? Do we need to re-enroll for every MONTH?

Once you are enrolled to a class, that spot is yours through the school year, unless you notify us that you are cancelling your class. Follow the Withdrawal/Cancellation Policy.

If I enroll for a class, can I switch do a different class during the session?

You can switch to a different class at any time, as long as there are openings. There is no charge for switching classes during a session.

How long will my children be on a waiting list?

When a class with waiting lists has a spot open up, we call you right away to see if you still are wanting the specified class.