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Mini Movers Gymnastics - A Preschool Gymnastics Program

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What to Expect

Here at Metro Gymnastics Center you can expect consistency for all of our Mini-Mover Gymnastics classes.

  • MUSIC: We will all meet together to start our class with music of some sort - Hokey Pokey, tapping sticks, Jumping Jack song - and many more. Music is a great easy way to transition into class in which kids of all ages enjoy!
  • RUNNING: Directly following music, we will work to raise their heart rates with some running (approximately 2 minutes).
  • WARM UP: Following the running, our classes will be divided among the age groups and we will go directly into our warm up. This is a chance for the teachers to begin to work on some strength, flexibility and body positions.
  • GYMNASTICS: Finally we will get into the heart of the class - gymnastics! Every 2 weeks our themes will change - we will work through hanging and swinging, jumping and landing, balancing, strength and coordination and so much more!
  • GOODBYE and STAMPS: After a fun filled class we will finish back where we started - all the kids will receive stamps from their teachers and say goodbye till their next wonderful gymnastics class!

Metro Gymnastics Center’s Mini Movers Gymnastics Program provides children 12 months old through Kindergarten an opportunity to explore age appropriate activities in a safe, fun, kid-oriented environment. Children are challenged at their own ability levels and praised for their interaction and efforts. We believe that gymnastics builds strength, balance, flexibility and coordination and more importantly self confidence!


We also strongly believe that teaching the kids social skills such as following directions, sharing, taking turns and cooperation are an integral part of not only our gymnastics classes but life itself!

From the Director

Cindy Klein

Welcome to Metro Gymnastics Center - we are honored that you have chosen us to take your amazing children and spend some time with them while teaching them the wonderful sport of gymnastics. I truly believe that gymnastics is the SPORT OF ALL SPORTS! Everything they learn here will be used in every sport they ever play and every activity they choose to be involved in.


My fantastic’s teachers and I LOVE kids! We love being able to spend time with them and to teach them to LOVE TO LEARN! Through movement, coordination, strength and fitness we hope to build a foundation of skills and attitudes so that no matter where they end up in life - they are self confident and successful!


Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns!

Metro Gymnastics offers the following Preschool Gymnastics Classes:

Toddlers : 12 - 30 months

This parent participation toddler gymnastics class introduces group activity, sharing, and taking turns. Students work on gross motor skills such as jumping, rolling, and hanging, all with parent help and reassurance. Concentration and hand/eye coordination are improved through music and rhythm.

Thumpers : 2 1/2 - 3 years
5 students per class

In this age group, students begin to participate on their own, without parent involvement. Children learn to take direction, wait for turns, and make a line—all important social ideas for this age. All of the gym equipment is used to introduce tumbling, swinging, balancing, and jumping in a safe and correct manner.

Kangaroos : 3 years
6 students per class

Tumbling skills such as donkey kicks (introduction to handstands) and pinwheels (introduction to cartwheels) are covered, as well as correct jumping and landing techniques, tucked rolls, and skills “high in the air” on rings and bars. Stretching time focuses on games and fun ways to warm up muscles.

Spinners : 4 - 5 years
7 students per class

Instruction includes handstand and cartwheel technique, back rolls, bridges, different kinds of jumps and solid landings are all part of tumbling work. Bar skills such as pullovers, forward rolls and front supports will aid in strength and agility. Loco motor skills such as galloping and skipping are introduced as well.

Tiny Twisters : 3 - 6 years
8 students per class - Teacher placement only

Proficiency in certain gymnastics skills must be attained before students can move into the Twisters, such as good cartwheel and handstand technique, backward rolls, comfort on the higher beams, basic vaulting concepts, pullovers on bars, and a high level of strength and flexibility. Twister classes are not co-ed.


What about Home Schoolers?

Metro offers early afternoon home school classes specific to home school families. If you are not a home school family, we welcome you to enroll in any of our other classes.

Do you work with Special Needs Families?

We would love to set-up group instruction for your special needs child. This could include field trips or weekly classes.

Do you handle field trips?

Plan your field trip to Metro Gymnastics Center: Birthday Parties, going away parties, Girl and Boy Scout Groups, play day trips, preschool outings. Groups of 7 or more please.

Call Metro Gymnastics today at 503-620-8939 to register your child for the upcoming sessions!