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Girls Team Gymnastics

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What to Expect

The Girls Competitive Team is a by invitation only program and follows the progressive rules and guidelines as implemented by the USA-Gymnastics program (National governing body for gymnastics in the United States). This program provides a variety of options for girls who wish to take their gymnastics experience to a higher level through competition. Gymnasts who show an aptitude and a keen interest in the sport of gymnastics are invited to a team tryout scheduled at different times throughout the year. Team gymnastics is a great way for gymnasts to express themselves utilizing the concentration, confidence, creativity, self-discipline, strength, coordination, awareness, flexibility, balance, and agility they acquired in their classes.


The Girl’s Team competes at State, Regional and National level invitationals. The gymnasts range in age from 6 to 18 and compete based on their individual skill level. The Girl’s Team requires parents to participate in the Parents Booster Club, which helps to “boost” and support the competitive programs. Metro’s goal is for every competing gymnast to reach their individual potential no matter what skill level they attain. The Metro Girl's Team Program strives to promote a good work ethic and high self esteem by challenging the gymnast in mind and body.


The philosophies and teachings within the Girl's Team gymnastics program flow smoothly from those of all other Metro programs. We believe in a positive environment for girls to learn gymnastics to their fullest potential. We feel strongly that it is not the natural ability or “talent” of the child that is important, but the desire of the child to be involved in the sport of gymnastics and a willingness to put forth 100% effort to achieve their goals. We stress dedication and an aggressive work ethic, but we understand that a child must enjoy the sport of gymnastics so that they can fully appreciate the benefits of their participation. Gymnastics is a fantastic sport with many benefits for the body, mind and spirit. The coaches at Metro strive to build and hone as many of those benefits as possible for all gymnasts in the program as a team and as individuals.


Goals of the Metro Team Program

1) To develop a program whereby each team member is able to express themselves in a competition/performance atmosphere according to the highest ideals of the sport.


2) To provide a positive, safe, developmental, and fun environment where every participating gymnast will be guided to reach their full performance potential.


3) To provide and maintain a high professional standard of teaching, through proper selection and training of staff and personnel.


In order to maintain the Team Philosophy and Goals, we feel that it is necessary to provide the best possible workout environment for the gymnasts. Metro Gymnastics Center is dedicated to helping gymnasts reach their full potential, both physically and mentally, through the sport of gymnastics. It is our goal as coaches to provide a safe and loving atmosphere in which each child knows he or she is valued. We will strive to provide an environment that cultivates listening skills, confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and responsibility.


Most important, we hope that years after the children have moved on from their gymnastics training, they will look back at their experience and recognize the lifelong benefits.

JO Compulsory

JO Compulsory’s (Competitive Levels 2, 3, 4, 5) are the entry levels into girl’s competitive gymnastics. At the compulsory level, each gymnast performs similar basic routines. The routines in these levels are designed to be progressive from one to the next and provide a solid foundation for the optional levels. Our compulsory gymnasts typically train from 4 to 12 hours a week. 


School Year training hours (by level)*
*hours may vary during the summer

Level 2
Wednesday 2 hours
Friday 2 hours


Level 3
Monday 3 hours
Wednesday 3 hours
Friday 3 hours


Level 4/5
Tuesday 3 hours
Wednesday 3 hours
Thursday 3 hours

Friday 3 hours
JO Optionals

JO Optionals (competitive levels 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10) train from 16 to 20 hours each week, focusing on increasingly difficult skills and additional conditioning. The Optional Team Program has high standards; building on basics and striving for excellence. Each optional level has its own specific skill and combination requirements and routines are choreographed to focus on the athlete’s strengths. Optional gymnasts progress through these levels at an individual pace and compete at State, Regional, and National level competitions. Metro Gymnastics actively pursues the opportunities of college scholarships for those athletes who indicate a desire to continue their competitive careers past high school, and show the work ethic necessary to achieve at the collegiate level.

Download the current schedules

Girl's Team Competition Season
2017 - 2018

January 5-7                         National Judges Cup (Portland, OR) (Levels 3-9)


January 12-14                     VEGA Challenge (Vancouver, WA) (Levels 6-9)                                                                                  

January 19-21                     Above and Beyond Invitational (FlightSchool – Hillsboro, OR) (Levels 2-5)


January 26-28                     Gem State Invitational (Boise, ID) (Levels 6-9)


February 2-4                       Pacific Edge Challenge (Newport, OR)(Levels 3-9)


February 9-11                    Top Gun Team Challenge(McMinnville, OR)


February 16-18                  MAC Open (Portland, OR) (Levels 3-9)                  


February 23-25                  Rose City Challenge (Beaverton, OR) (Levels 2-9)


March 2-4                            Emerald Team Challenge (Eugene, OR) (Levels 6-9)


March 9-11                         Shamrock Invitational (Hillsboro, OR) (Levels 3-5)                                                                                                           

March 16-17                       Optional State Championships (Corvallis, OR) (Levels 6 –9)


March 23-25                       Super Friends (FlightSchool – Hillsboro, OR) (Levels 2-5)              


April 6-8                               Last Chance Qualifier (Westside - Tigard, OR) (Levels 3-5)


April 13-15                           Region 2 Championships (Tacoma, WA) (Levels 8-9)       


April 20-22                           Compulsory State Championships (Salem, OR) (Levels 3-5)


May 3-6                                Level 9 Western Nationals (Salt Lake City, UT) (Level 9)



How do I join the Metro Girls Team?

Metro has “by invitation only” recreational classes that are designed to prepare young athletes for the team program. During the year the team coaches are invited to observe these classes. Open try outs are held once a year (in June) and are designed to showcase the athlete’s strength, flexibility, and gymnastics skills.
If you are an existing team member moving to Metro from another team you will first be evaluated by the head coach and then have a parent/athlete meeting before you join the team.


Please contact our Compulsory Team Coordinator with any additional questions:


What should I expect during competition season?
The Compulsory team, levels 2-5, have one season of competition. The season begins in December and ends in April. They typically attend 9 – 12 meets in Oregon during this time.

The Optional team, levels 6-10, have one season of competition. The season begins in December and goes through May.


Metro attends competitions all over the state and country during various times of the year.  The compulsory team may travel to one out of state competition in the season and the optional team will travel to multiple out of state competitions. Additional travel is required for Regional Championships and National Championships.

What should I expect during competition season?

The Compulsory team, levels 3-5, have one season of competition. The season begins in September and ends in April with a break in December.


The Optional team, levels 6-10, have one season of competition. The season begins in December and goes through May.


Metro attends competitions all over the state and country during various times of the year. During the Fall Compulsory season there will be competitions attended all around Oregon and Southwest Washington. During the Winter and Spring seasons there will be competitions attended all around Oregon as well as different states across the country. The compulsory team usually travels to one out of state competition in the spring and the optional team will travel to multiple out of state competitions during their winter season in addition to the travel that is required for Regional Championships and National Championships.

How much commitment is required to be on team?

At a competitive level, gymnastics is a year round sport. The level of commitment for gymnastics goes above and beyond other youth sports.


As an athlete, we at Metro all strive to provide the best opportunity for success in our program. For that goal to be successful, all team members must strive for good communication and prompt, consistent attendance to all scheduled practices, competitions, and special events.


As a parent, it is strongly suggested that you involve yourself with Metro’s Booster Club. This is a non-profit organization that is designed to raise money for your athlete’s competitive account. The booster club is also responsible for the hosting of social events for the competitive team program (awards banquet, holiday party, beginning of the year barbeque, etc.), sizing and fitting uniforms. Meetings are held regularly and all parents are invited to attend.

Team members visiting or moving to the Portland area:

If you find yourself visiting the Portland, Oregon area and are in need of a place to practice, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to accommodate visiting team members and include them in our practice schedules. Furthermore, if you are looking at making the area your home and need a new home for your gymnast please feel free to contact the Girl's Team Program Director to make arrangements.


The girls team staff is excited that you chose to visit our website! Please, contact us if you have any questions about our program and have a great day!

Call Metro Gymnastics today at 503-620-8939 to register your child for the upcoming sessions!